Q: What color is the hair? 

A: Our virgin comes in different shades. Off Black, Dark Brown, and Medium Brown. We are unable to guarantee a specific color, due to the nature of the hair. Virgin hair is donated and can be a variety of colors. It may even be more than one color combined in a single bundle or between bundles. Virgin hair also has lighter ends at times. This gives the hair a natural ombre' effect, due to exposure to the sun & UV penetration. The hair can be dyed any color you like. However, keep in mind the hair is virgin and can be damaged just like your natural hair. Dye at your own risk. 

Q: Can the wavy and deep wavy hair be straightened? 

A: Yes, this hair can be made bone straight with the proper tools. Please be sure to use heat protector before applying heat.

Q: Does the straight hair get wavy when wet?

A: No it does not 

Q: Do you sell by the bundle ?

A: Yes we do, however you receive better pricing when you order 3 or more bundles

Q: Do you ship outside of the U.S.? 

A: Yes, we do ship internationally. 

Q: Can the virgin hair be dyed, permed, etc.? 

A: Yes it can. We recommend that you consult a hairstylist for these services. 

Q: How long does it take to receive my hair? 

A: 2-10 business days, tracking numbers are sent when merchandise is in route. 

Q: How much hair is needed for a full sew in? 

A: We recommend a minimum of 3 bundles for a full sew in. If you order lengths 26 and up, we recommend 4 bundles. 

 Q: How long does the hair last? 

 A: Our hair can last up to a year or more with proper maintenance. (See hair tips below) 

Q: Is Glam hair true to length? 

A: Yes it is. All hair is measured to ensure lengths are accurate.